Special Needs Families

Special Needs

Every divorce creates a unique set of challenges and issues. Divorces with special needs children or parents create even more unique challenges and obstacles. We have worked with many families with special needs members in divorces, adoptions, child custody matters, and even criminal cases. We know from personal experience the challenges special needs families face and we look forward to helping your family navigate through the world of divorce. We can introduce you to counseling services, school services, including individual educational plans (I.E.P.s), medical services and other support groups. We bring another level of representation to a divorce or child custody case when special needs are involved due to our professional and personal experience. Reaching a resolution that causes the least amount of disruption for children and families is a triumphant victory.

Mental health courts and treatment courts are an emerging aspect of criminal law as well. These alternative resources can assist not only typical individuals who have personal struggles, but special needs individuals who have difficulty navigating through every day life as well. It is our hope that treatment courts (Drug Court included) can be utilized to a greater extent as an alternative to traditional penalties, specifically long jail sentences.